Executive Presence and Powerful Communication

As the second event for Spence Club in 2023, ‘Executive Presence and Powerful Communication’ was designed to support professional woman to feel confident in their workplace and lead with influence.

Our four key panel speakers armed attendees with skills and knowledge in:

  • Building good interpersonal relationships  
  • Negotiating difficult conversations
  • Building self-confidence to support positive, intrinsic growth  
  • Interacting with impact

We were thrilled to hear many valuable tips and insights from our fantastic panel of female leaders:  

  • Amy Springhall, The Visibility Project
  • Julia Atterton, UniSA Online
  • Susie Ford, Let's Just Be Fabulous
  • Catherine Purvis, Animal Welfare League

Here are some of our favourite takeaways:

  • Being visible is important - it's not just about who you know, but who knows you.
  • Give yourself a moment to process info from a difficult or unexpected situation by saying "I need a moment to gather my thoughts/process that before responding"
  • Argument isn't a dirty word, especially when the end goal is greater understanding.
  • It's unlikely that difficult topics will be resolved in one conversation, and that's okay.
  • You are not responsible for the programming you received as a child, but you ARE responsible for what you can now do to change it.
  • Critical thinking is more important than simply learning and repeating facts.
  • "Everyone thinks. And everyone thinks they’re good at thinking. But good thinking is hard, and it doesn’t come naturally. It’s a skill that has to be learned and practiced." (quoted from Professor Melanie Trecek-King's work)
  • No one else is you (and why would you want them to be!!)

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