AGM & Leadership Mindset Workshop

Spence Club hosted its annual AGM along with a Leadership Mindset Workshop for members only.

Vault 134, Adelaide

The 2020 Annual General Meeting saw a fantastic evening of new additions, continuing members and networking!

With a number of General Board Member positions available, along with Treasurer and Chair requiring nominations.

We were very thankful to welcome, Alexandra Paxinos, Amanda Goodfellow, Emily Welyhorskyj, Shelley O'Connell, Ashleigh Dumont, Darcey Watson and Madhu Jeyakumaran as new General Board Members. We were also very happy to welcome back Leila Hallak-Low into the role of chair and Karina Albanese as Treasurer.

There were no amendments to the constitution required, making the AGM a quick and easy process this year, which left moretime for the wonderful presentation by new board member, Madhu Jeyakumaran of Think Stride. Madhu ran the Members through an interactive style self-reflection into our leadership mindsets. Madhu shared her personal career experiences.

where she needed to rise above the noise around her and focus on what she knows she could achieve.

Madhu's inspirational approach to leadership and professional development, empowered Spence members to take a hollistic review of their current position, and to ask themselves how they can improve their situation... and most importantly how they can follow through on those actions.

We would like to thank our sponsors, the wonderful Penfolds Winery for the guest speaker gifts and door prizes.


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